custom-guards-reptile-guardsCustom Guards is a family run business established in 1996. Keeping reptiles as a hobby for many years, we found a lack of suitable guards for spotlights and heaters to protect our exotics. We started out by designing a few high quality guards for our own vivariums, then, using our experience in manufacturing, we began to design all types of guards.

lizardOur original designs were seen by an owner of a reptile shop who was visiting and they promptly ordered a few – now we supply the leading wholesalers in the country (our guards are marketed by some of them under their own brand names) as well as selling direct to shops.

We strive to produce a high quality products. We believe that a well set up vivarium should not be spoilt by a guard made from a piece of bent galvanized mesh. After all, it’s a proud feature of many like-minded people’s homes.

With not only the design, but safety in mind, we powder coat all guards to enhance the finished product. With the high temperatures created by ceramic heaters and spotlights our powder coating will not give off fumes as other paint finished guards produce at the same heat level.

Our guards are easy to install and are securely attached with only 4 screws. Quality, safety, and excellent value for money is what makes Custom Guards a name you can trust to ensure the protection from heat and light your pet needs.

By combining our knowledge of keeping exotic animals, and our experience in manufacturing guards for industrial and commercial machinery, we at Custom Guards have produced a range of ceramic heater guards and spotlight guards especially for the herpetologist.

For reptile advice or to talk to us about what heat and light guards are best for your reptile housing, including manufacturing to your specification, call us on 01908 639400 today.

wholesale and trade enquires welcome – call 01908 639400 or email